Ruth Yeh's Picture

Ruth L. Yeh, MA, LPC, LMFT, RN

Approved Supervisor for AAMFT

Ruth Yeh is the founder of the Family Enrichment Clinic. She chose to name her office "Family Enrichment Clinic" because her goal is to enrich families. Ruth started to provide psychotherapy as a sole practitioner. Later, she increased the number of clinicians. In year 2001, the Family Enrichment Clinic was incorporated into a partnership company.

Ruth Yeh has extended experience in the health field. Her first career was in nursing when she earned a R.N. license from the State of Texas. Then she pursued psychology and became a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). In addition, she is also a Board Certified Supervisor for LMT and LPC.

Ruth Yeh has practiced in the mental health field for over 30 years as a psychiatric nurse and later as a psychotherapist who provides individual, couple, family, and play therapy. Besides psychological services, Ruth also provides supervision, workshops and seminars to other professionals as well as the general publics. In March 2007, she published a self-help book, Successful Communication Begins at Home, which based on the experience she gathered as a family therapist.

Ruth Yeh is a native of Taiwan who was educated under Japanese and Chinese systems. Therefore, she can speak, read and write in Taiwanese, Japanese and Chinese. Her linguistic ability and the cultural access gives Ruth advantages in serving the Asian- American populations. Being a Christian, Ruth feels privilege to provide counseling to fellow Christians and other clients who are seeking spiritual growth.