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Michael Owens

Michael Carmon Owens graduated from the University of Houston Clear Lake Marriage and Family Therapy Program in 1994. He is a Master’s of Art, Texas, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Michael is a professional member of the national Association of Marriage and Family Therapy, and the Houston Marriage and Family Therapy Association.

Michael also has a B. S. in Family Relations and Child Development from Oklahoma State University with Elementary Education Certification. He has taught various grades of school and has worked in special education services with youth that have emotional challenges in public, psychiatric, and private settings. He has worked in various capacities as a therapist such as private practice in a pain management clinic, psychiatric hospitals, and youth service agencies. Michael has training in hypnotherapies, biofeedback, Ericksonian hypnotherapy techniques, and mind/body therapies for clients that have severe and chronic pain.

Michael Is a versatile and innovative therapist in adult individual therapy, couples therapy, marriage therapy, sex and intimacy therapies, and specializes in work with the transgender, gay, inter-sexed, lesbian, questioning, and bisexual clientele. Michael is uniquely certified as a therapist and a professional member of WPATH, World Psychological Association of Transgendered Health Care and is qualified to help clients meet the standards of care for transgender therapies and medical treatment. Michael has been helpful to LGBTQI clients and their family and friends in accepting diversity and embracing the journey of personal self-expression.

Michael works from a feminist theory family systems point of view clinically. When working with individuals or relationships he considers his clients in a relational ecosystem of power to themselves, their environment, and all those that they are in relationship with, particularly the family of origin. Michael specializes in solution goal oriented therapies, crisis intervention therapies, transgenerational theory, narrative therapies for trauma resolution, and has interest in dialectical behavioral therapy. He is particularly an advocate of the mentally ill and specializes in treatment for Bipolar Disorder and Depression. Michael is an active advocate with Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance and the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill.

Michael is committed to diversity and cultural respect. He feels that he personally is a representative of cultural diversity. He has participated in Lakota Sioux Tribal traditions and ceremonies for over 15 years. He has studied earnestly with elders and chiefs and cares for these traditions and ways. Michael is of Czech, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, and German descent. He researched his family of origin and genealogy while studying to be a marriage and family therapist and traveled extensively to visit his homelands in Europe. He has also traveled intensely making annual journeys in North America (Turtle Island) to the Sacred Lands of the Lakota Sioux in South Dakota. Michael considers his experience and path in life as bi-cultural.