Angela Tsai's Picture

Angela Tsai, M.Ed, LPC

Angela Tsai is a Licensed Professinal Counselor, and who also was a Regiseted Counseling Psychologist in Taiwan. Angela earned Counseling Masters degrees in USA, and She is a current member of the American Counseling Association (ACA).

Angela has years of professional experience in DuHwa Counseling Center and Family Enrichment Clinic . She has the ability to conduct counseling in the Mandarin , Taiwanese and English.

Her cultural background, experiences, and professional training assist her in understanding and becoming effective in working through issues of Self-exploration, Emotional conflict, relationship, communication, parenting, marital, generation values/conflicts, social status, immigration and international marriages. Angela is able to work with clients of diverse ethnicity, ages, genders, backgrounds, and situations.

Angela's therapeutic practices are solution focused, cognitive-behavioral, client-centered, Acceptance and Commitment, integrated, with a family systems and strategy therapy basis. She has extensive training in Mindfulness and Hypnosis, with which she can conduct multi-approach for diverse client.